The subject Structures has an assessable assignment component. There are 9 assignments. Assignments will be collected and it is the responsibility of the student to do them as soon as the topic in class is finished.

  1. Assignment 1     Resultant and components of forces

  2. Assignment 2      Force couples, moment

  3. Assignment 3      Stress / Strain, ductile & brittle materil

  4. Assignment 4      Section modolus, moment of inertia, radius of gyration

  5. Assignment 5      Dead & live loads, volume, density, contributary areas

  6. Assignment 6      Dead & live loads & stress calculations

  7. <Assignment 7      Loads on beams, calulation of reactions

  8. Assignment 8      Bending moments & shear forces

  9. Assignment 9      Commpression members , stress calculations, slendernes

    Students who fail to do the assignment won't pass the unit.