Apply site surveys and set out procedures to medium-rise building


WA Unit NumberW5939

National Unit Number BCGCBC5006A


Submission Requirements
Field Projects


A report need to be submitted for each field exercise that you carry out. Please make sure all items on the coversheet are enclosed. Lack of information will result in the submission not being accepted. Each student must individually submit a report.

We have only one theodolite and all field exercises are done in groups of maximum four (4) students. 'The group size depends on the enrolment of student. The group as a whole is responsible for booking the instrument. The work should be equally distributed among group members. If the group cannot resolve an issue then you should discuss the problem with your lecturer

Write the reports as soon as possible after the field exercise. Donít forget to include an Assignment Attachment Form. Individual group members will be orally assessed to verify that the competencies have been achieved.

A word processor should be use to write the reports. The font is to be 12 point Times Roman or 10-point Aerial. Pages should be stapled at the upper left-hand corner. Margins should be one inch on top, bottom and right hand side and 1.5 inch on left hand side.

Let an independent person read your report before you submit it. If this person has a clear understanding of the objectives of the field exercise that you carried out and has a clear understanding what you have written in your report then the report is ready for submission.


Your report should be handed in as soon as possible.

Coversheet containing Subject name, the project (task) name, Student name and ID Number, date of exercise or assessment, the due date and list the students of the group who play a part in the exercise or assessment.

Contents of Reports

You will be given 3 different assessments

  1. Setting out a building with the aid of chainline & offsets (offset method)
  2. Setting out a building with a theodolite (horizontal angles) polar coordinates
  3. Measure height of buildings with a theodolite (vertical angles)

You are required to:

    • calculate all dimensions and angles given in assessments; use sketches for reference
    • carry out the field exercise, record procedure inclusive all measurements (dimensions & angles) and reference the calculation of dimensions & angles in your field sketch.
    • prepare a final scaled sketch of the exercise including all measurements.
    • compare the given dimensions and angles with all dimensions and angles from the field exercise.

Field notes


         List all the equipment that is needed for the project youíll do.

         List step by step how you carry out the field work (Assessments)

         Make sure your group has all records for the preparation of the final report



Sketches / Diagrams

     Neatly drawn sufficient freehand sketches to reference all calculated figures. Letters and numbers must be readable and need to be min. 3 mm in height.

     Use the same letters & numbers in the freehand sketch that have been used in your calculations.



     All calculations must be logically set out. State which formula you have used for the specific type of calculation. (Donít mix up units)

     Check all dimension for accuracy, are the field measurements the same as the calculated measurements? If not describe why not in your discussion.

     Use trigonometric function to calculate the angles from field data.

     Calculate areas and all side length of the set-out building(s).

     Use tabular form where possible and where applicable draw neat sketches or diagrams.



Scaled drawings of the lot & building(s) outline must be included (one from given data & one from field data). Additional sketches may be required for clarification of you calculations.



Evaluate existing given procedures and field survey data and discuss your results - is there any dissimilarity? A significant part of the exercise is Team Work - was the work equally distributed among group members. (Who worked the instrument and who did the recording. placing the pegs, measuring distance (length between pegs etc.)


Conclusion /

A conclusion should be as clear & concise as possible. Give particulars of the success or failure of the field exercise. Bring up anything that has not been covered in your discussion.




For all field exercises students must wear a safety vest and appropriate footwear (tongs or sandals are not accepted).

It is highly recommended to wear a wide brimmed hat (baseball cap style not suitable), long sleeved shirt with collar, long trousers (or similar)

Students have the responsibility to assess the risk and decide what to wear. During sunny weather don't forget to use sun protection body cream!




Use extreme care when you do the fieldwork. If you observe or feel that unsafe working conditions exist, inform the lecturer immediately.




If you need trigonometric formulas look at the webpage for

sin, cos and tan function as well as sin and cos rules