Practical Projects Requirements

    1. Student Field notes

Field notes must be prepared for all of your surveying projects. They should provide evidence of all the conditions at the time of the survey projects. Field notes have to be recorded at the time the fieldwork is being done.

Field notes should contain: the date, the weather conditions, group members doing the survey, identification of the instruments & equipment, data collection etc., a brief description of the site and/or location details, north arrows on all sketches and any other notations which assist in clarification of the field and site conditions.

    2. Project Submission Requirements

Refer to the project notes for the scope of the three practical projects. Projects need to be submitted on due date, refer to 'Assessment Summary' on the Learning Plan.

All projects must include the following:

  1. Assignment Attachement form. (do not forget to sign the decaration)
  2. Standard cover sheet (see outlay below).
  3. Create a digital version of data Rise & fall from field notes. Transferred this data onto excel sheet to calculate RL's.
  4. A brief description of the exercise including some information from the field notes like weather conditions, group members and anything that you would like to name. Was it easy to perform the activity and did you had have sufficient technological skills to submit it in digital form? Where there any problems with computer (usage of word & excel)? Did you gain valuable skills in data recording, reading, measuring distances, and group work?
  5. Drawings/sketches (profiles, contours etc.)neatly drawn to scale. Profile layouts in accordance with the hand out sheet.
  6. All original field notes must be attached.

Cover sheet layout

Central Institute of Technology

Apply site surveys and set out procedures
to building and construction project

Project No

Student Name:                                    ID:                   
Group No:          Group leader:                              
of field work
of submission: /td>

Class attendance is critical to successful completion of this course.