CPCCBC4006A Select, procure and store construction materials for low-rise projects

Assessment 1

For this assessment you need to collect brochures with necessary technical informations (especially factors affecting the selection & performance of building materials as well as their prices). The following list gives you some indication what's needed for your folio assessment:

Timber and timber product
  • Property of different timber products
  • Sawn structural timber & dressed timber
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL's)
  • Glulam beams
  • Particle boards
  • Floor boards
  • Unit prices for the above
  • Properties of concrete (strength design)
  • Delivery companies
  • Current prices per m3 for deliver N25, N32 & N50 (Metropolitan area & country area)
  • Prices per m3 for placing into position (granoworker)
  • Current price for concrete pump (first floor slab)
  • Current prices for compression testing.
Clay products and stone
  • Properties of clay bricks and stones Lime
  • Manufacturers of clay bricks, Calcium silicate bricks and concrete blocks
  • Prices for clay bricks, Calcium silicate bricks and concrete blocks
  • Properties sandstone, limestone and aggregates for concrete
  • Prices for sand, limestone and granite
  • Price for clay and cement tiles
  • Properties of mortar mixes (AS 3700)
  • Current prices for cement, lime and sand
  • Properties of plaster
  • Current unit price for plaster per m2
Plasterboard, compressed cement products and insulation
  • Properties of gypsum plasterboard and fibrous cement sheets
  • Current unit price for gypsum
  • plasterboard and fibrous cement sheets
  • Properties of insulation (R-values)
  • Prices for batts & blankets, loose fill and foams
Metal and glass
  • Properties steel (hot rolled & cold worked) and float glass
  • Current price per tonne for structural steel (UB. UC)
  • Current unit price for Bondek & Condek (reinforcement of composite slabs)
  • Properties of glass
  • Current unit price for float glass 3mm.4 mm and 6 mm
Paints and coatings
  • Properties of oil-based and water-based paints
  • Current prices of different paints (per m2)
  • Current unit price for hot-dip-galvanising
Plastics and adhesives
  • Properties of plastics (thermoplastics & thermosets)
  • General properties of adhesives
  • Current prices for plastic products
  • Current prices for different type of sealants
It is important to obtain the prices not only for the material but also for the labour costs. The knowledge of current prices is a prerequisite for the Building Quantities & Estimating subjects.

Your folio assessment will not be graded and receive a P-grade (pass) or a H-grade (hold). Your folio assessment must be submitted in Week 17. If you haven't submitted your folio you won't pass the subject.

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