Aptitude test
Student Name:
Make a hard copy of this test and evaluate the following questions:
Write your answers beside the questions. (Use logical steps towards your final solution.)


No decimal fractions!

Scientific notation



Use ther back of the sheet(s) to evaluate. All working must bwe shown!


Write down the the value of tan 67 =

What angle size has sin 0.2079?

1.) For the triangle shown opposite       write down cos B
      (accuracy to three dicimal places)

2.) Calculate the area of the triangle.
3.) Calculate the size of angle B

4.) Calculate the perimeter.

5.) Calculate the distance YZ (to two       decimal places)

6.) Calculate the length of the       hypotenuse.
7.) Calculate the total area in m²

8.) Calculate the length of the perimeter

If you have difficulties with this test discuss your problems with your lecturer.