All students currently enrolled in the above subject(s) are to make themselves aware of the following requirements for the production and submission of ALL assignments associated with the particular subjects.

            a.         Set of drafting disposable pens "ARTLINE” 0.1 and 0.4 or 0.5
            b.        Scale rule that has the following scale as a minimum:
                       1:100, 1:50, 1:20, 1:1
            c.        Set Squares 45° & 60°/30° type (ruling edges preferably recessed)
            d.        Protractor (for measuring angles)
            f.         Circle template or compass with attachment for pens (optional)
            g.        Mechanical pencil 0.5mm (pacer type)
            h.        Plastic eraser
            i.         Blade for erasing ink mistakes (either scalpel or razor blade)
            j.         ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING Standards & Conventions (K J Holtom)
            k.        Roll of masking tape
            l.         Drawing folio

With eqipment shown opposite you can also work at home.

Drawing is usually a time consuming subject and most students need to work additional hours at home to finish their assignments.

2.       PRODUCTION:

All assignments issued to students in class are to be produced onto the relevant size drawing sheet(s), A3 pre bordered tracing paper, as directed by the Lecturer.
The drafting medium (paper) to use either tracing or film.
ALL assignments are presented as outlined in your program.


            a.         ALL assignments are to be submitted on the required date as directed by
                        the Lecturer in charge of the class.
            b.         A printed copy of the original, the same size as the original (no taped
                        photo copies) is to be submitted with the original for marking.
            c.         Copies can be made through the various college facilities and if not
                        available, an external commercial printing agency would have to be used.
            d.         Late submissions WILL attract a late penalty.

4.        ASSESSMENT:

 Refer to your program about assesments. There are some in class assessments
 as well as assessment by Folio.

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