Instructions for Assignment 1


Sheet size – A3 transparency drawing paper with Building & Construction title block.

1       Candidates are required to produce three plans.
   (a) Sheet 1
 showing a portion of the house floor plan (upper right hand corner) and the
                       proposed upper storey extension floor plan,
   (b) Sheet 2
  elevation 1 (front) and elevation 2 (side) and,
   (c) Sheet 3
 a section across the extended building for Lot 22, to the scales nominated,                       using the supplied dimensioned plan, and elevation.

2.       All necessary construction dimensions, lettering, notes, etc., are to be included on the drawings. 

3.       The original work in ink on pre-bordered transparency paper is to be submitted for marking at the beginning of class in WEEK 7.  Submissions receiving an H-grade or Assignment that has not be hand in at class commencement must be resubmitted in Week 8. Students who do not submit their work in Week 8 will not be assessed.


Drawing Information and Requirements:

Sheet 1 – Plans

At scale 1:100 draw a portion of the ground level floor plan and the proposed upper floor extension plan. The position of the proposed upper floor extension over the house level is shown on the attached concept plan upper extension level .  Dimension the position of the upper floor plan in relation to the ground floor external walls and fully dimension the upper floor plan including all necessary construction information.

Sheet 2 – Elevations

At scale 1:100 draw the front (elevation 1) and side (elevation 2) for the upper storey extension.  Window sizes and their locations in the extension are at candidate’s discretion, but must meet current BCA requirements. Information that may assist you is given on the following page under ‘Cons

truction Information’.

Sheet 3 - Section

At 1:50 scale draw a section through the house starting from FFL 10.000 on line 01. The section width is to be from outside the gutter on the side of the house, to 1.5 metre into the Family/Dining area as shown in the concept plan.

Details of the Construction Information found on a separate page