GENERAL NOTES Students should not report on the same project. Students must contact the building company concerned for permission to visit a building site (start early this will hard and need persistance and may take up a great deal of your time ) Individual trade personnel may offer you assistance. If you cannot obtain copies of the house plan and specifications, you should draw a sketch of the floor plans of the building and the northerly elevation.



Prepare a written/photografig chronological report on the construction of a two or multi level residential construction covering all areas listed in Assignment requirements including of some freehand sketches and photographs with proper referenced explanations.

Students need to find a construction site immediately because the time allowance for the assignment is only17 Weeks. If the progress of the work is too slow to keep up with the assignment requirements students may select another sites for finishing the report.

  • Cover page - Title (project address and Builders name), student's name, and ID number,
  • Contents page - Headings for each activity and the page number.
  • Introduction - Description of the project, including building plans
  • Body - A detailed description of your observation of the activities in sequential order; (including workmanship, construction methods; structural issues, etc.)
  • Conclusion or recommendation - Summarise your findings (what was good/bad); evaluate existing material/construction and make recommendation for possible improvements.
ASSIGNMENT ASSESSMENT VALUE    40% of final assessment

Submission date(s):      Refer to program-timetable for individual assignment-sections
                                            Final submission Week 17

Assignment requirements
The following information is a guide to prepare your report . Make sure you submit your work on the due date.
1 Introduction
Type of house construction, eg. double brick; brick veneer; etc; size and brief description of house; the builder; location of building site (lot no. street name, suburb)
Copy or sketch of floor plans and northerly elevation
2 Footings (date & time of observation)
Width, depth; reinforcement (position); concrete strength; (if stepped, give details)
3 Slab on Ground (date & time of observation)
slab thickness, edge thickenings; sizes, step down sizes; reinforcement - type and sizes
4 Retaining Wall/Level 1 Walls (date & time of observation)
was a retaining wall used - materials used in construction; height and thickness
Level 1 Walls - types of bricks used internally and externally; flashing above door/window frames; methods of build-in, material used, etc.
5 Upper Level Floors (date & time of observation)
Suspended Slab (in situ) type of formwork used; reinforcement type, sizes number @ centres; position in slab; concrete target strength; slab thickness; method used to place concrete; material used for brickwork/concrete slab bond breaker; reinforcement of concrete stairs tied in with the slab; ceiling finish; any slab special features, etc.
Precast elements type and sizes; otherwise as above.
Timber flooring stress grade and type of timber; size, span and spacing of floor joists; methods of fixing; floor surface material, method of fixing (fitted/platform); use of sound insulation; ceiling finish; etc.
6 Stair (date & time of observation)
Material type, sizes; width and thickness; stair design, shape in plan; rise and going of steps; total rise, going of flights; fixing of the stair to the building; etc
7 Upper Floor Walls (date & time of observation)
Materials brickwork, timber or steel framing
Fabrication were the walls made on site
Fixing method of securing framed walls to floors
Insulation type or types used
Cladding Material type used; method of fixing, special finishes to be used
8 Roof Framing (date & time of observation)
Materials main framework - timber, steel, timber or steel roof trusses
Roof Shape hip, gable, skillion
Framework Fixing method of fixing roof frame to walls, members to each other, any special fixings
9 Roof Plumbing (date & time of observation)
Gutlers eaves, box, parapet types used
Flashings edge and/or end of roof covering flashings used
Covering Materials type of roof covering fixing of roof covering
10 Site Drainage (date & time of observation)
Rainwater Drainage methods used to dispose of rainwater from roof of building
Ground Drainage use of spoon drains, grated soakwells, grated box gutters, agricultural drains
11 Solid Plaster - Float Coat (date & time of observation)
Walls preparation, float cost-materials, proportions, thickness, bullnosing locations.
12 Ceiling Fixer (date & time of observation)
Material type, fixing methods to ceiling joists
Cornices material, profiles
Ceiling vents locations, reason, materials


Plumber - Drainage System (date & time of observation)
External drainage when installed, material type, pipe diameters, locations of overflow relief    gulleys and vent pipe(s).
Connection to sewerage system or septic tanks
14 Solid Plaster - Set Coat (date & time of observation)
Walls preparation, set coat - materials, proportions, thickness
Sketch: Wall, ceiling, cornice detail.
15 Cabinet Works (date & time of observation)
Kitchen cupboards/pantry construction methods, finishes
Appliances how are appliances and fixtures fitted?

Fixing Carpentry (date & time of observation)
Doors brief description of internal and external doors
Window sill finishes to non wet areas, profile, dimensions, fixing method.
Skirting profile, dimensions, fixing method
Architrave's (if applicable) profile, dimensions, fixing method
Walk-in robes construction method, fixing

17 Plumber and Gasfitter (date & time of observation)
Fixtures types, cabinet combinations?
Baths who builds in the bath?
Floor drainage locations, types
Gasfitter bayonet fittings, vents, fixtures
18 Floor and Wall Tiler (date & time of observation)
Location (1) what areas have floor tiles? Type and method of fixing
Location (2) where are wall tiles located? State the height and width of tiles. How many   courses high are tiles at the various locations? Methods of fixing
Grouting grouting mixture and application
Setting out wall or floor tiles first? why?
19 Glazier (date & time of observation)
flyscreens and flydoors; show screen type, glass used
20 Electrical Fitout (date & time of observation)
Light switches wall or architrave mounted? height from floor level, any two way switches?
Socket outlets room locations, quantity, single or double, height from floor
21 Painter (date & time of observation)
External locations areas and types of surfaces, preparation, types of paints used on the   various types of surfaces
Internal locations (1) ceilings preparation, paint type, applications to walls and ceilings
Internal locations (2) other areas; preparation, paint type, applications
22 Paving (date & time of observation)
Materials materials used - pedestrian paving, drive on paving
Site Preparation type of foundation and method of preparation, falls
Unit Paving Laying pattern used for laying, aesthetic variations
Slab paving size of slab, type of surface finish, tooling of slab edges and divisions