Construction 1 Resource Notes

Section 1: Terminology 5

Section 2: Construction details 9

Section 3: Designing the building 11

Section 4: Consultants and Authorities 19

Section 5: Site establishment 31

Section 6: Building sequence 39

Section 7: Services 41

Section 8: Basic structural principles 51

Section 9: Building elements 55
Footing systems 57
Floor systems 67
Wet areas 75
Termite protection 81
Timber framed walls 87
Brick veneer walls 93
Timber roof frame 99
Roof covering - tiles 107
Roof plumbing and flashing 113

Section 10: Claddings and linings 121

Section 11: Joinery and fitments 127

Section 12: Residential site works 137

Suggested responses 143

Building Construction Notes

Building Construction Notes are a special Learning Resource specifically designed and written for this Construction Module.
Section 3 : Designing the Building 
   No.1. Low Energy Housing 
   No.2. Insulation

Section 4: Consultants and Authorities
     No.3. Building Approvals 
     No.4. Australian Standards

Section 5 : Site Establishment
      No.5. Site Investigation Construction

 Section 6 : Building Sequence 
       No.6. Building Sequence

Section 7 : Service
        No.7. Electrical Installation Terms 

Section 8 : Basic Structural Principles
         No.9. Basic Structural Terms

Section 9: Building Elements
Part one: Footings   
          No.10. Foundation Materials
           No.11. Soil Investigation
           No.12. Footing Design
           No.13. Strip Footing System
           No.14. Residential Slab-on-ground
           No.15. Concrete Raft Slabs
                          AS 2870 –1996
            No.16. Concrete Raft Slabs
                          Floor Level Requirements
             No.17. Typical sketch detail
Part two : Floor Systems  
              No.18. Concrete Floor on Fill
                          Timber Floor System
              No.19. Terminology
              No.20. Method of Support
              No.21. Under Floor Ventilation
              No.22. Termite Protection
              No.23. Floor Frame Assembly
              No.24. Floors

Part three: Wet Areas
              No.25. Acceptable Const. Practice
              No.26. Design Considerations
              No.27. Domestic Construction
              No.28. Floor Tile Cracking
Part four: Termite Protection
          No.30. Termite Risk Management

Part five: Timber Framed Walls
        No.31. Terminology
         No32 Function of Members
         No.33. Bracing of Walls - Materials
         No.34. Bracing of Walls

 Part six : Brick Veneer Walls   
         No.35. Articulated Walling
         No.36. Brick Veneer Construction

Part seven: Timber Roof Frame
          No.37. Terminology
          No.38. Construction
          No.39. Tie-down requirements

Part eight: Roof Covering – Tiles 
           No.40. Roof Tiles
           No.41. Sarking Under Roof Tiles

Part nine: Roof Plumbing and Flashing
            No.42. Domestic Guttering
                            Roof Drainage
             No.43. Downpipes
                             Roof Flashing
              No.44. Introduction
              No.45. Construction - Tiled Roofing

Section 10 : Claddings and Linings
              No.46. Wall Claddings
              No.47. Wall and Ceiling Linings
                               Paint Finishes
               No.48. Types of Paints
               No.49. Preparation of Surfaces

Section 11 : Joinery and Fitments
                 No.51. Doorframes and Linings
                 No.52. Doors
                 No.53. Fitments and Cupboards

Section 12 : Residential Site Works
                    No.54. Paving
                    No.55. Site drainage