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   Typ of Construction

► concrete-frame-structures, steel-frame-structures, light gauge steel construction, wood framed construction, load-bearing masonry construction

   Building Foundations

► introduction to foundation, types of footings, pile foundations

   Element of Construction

► floor finish, walls, windows », doors, bathrooms », insulation

   Roofing Systems

► thatch roofs, or stone roofs, wood shingles, metal roofing system

   Facade & Curtain
   Walls Systems

► This article is coming soon...

   Water Proofing Systems

► waterproofing terrace, waterproofing membrane, waterproofing sloping roofs, basement waterproofing, waterproofing toilets, waterproofing  external walls

   Building Systems

► fire fighting », fire alarm, plubing systems, HVAC system, home security

   Building Materials

►concrete, steel, stone, wood, glass, plywood

   Attaching Things

► anchor fasteners, nuts and bolts, screws, nails

   Ather Topics

► building construction magazines, construction technology, civil construction, metal buildings

   About us

► Aboud us & contacts, request a topic

   Encyclopedia of Building

   Under this topic you find Glossary of building terms


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   Books on Building


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The topics above are maybe useful for students who want only a quick look to basic building construction issues.

Enjoy the information provided on this webside. Some photos (Type of Construction & Building Foundation) are shown below.


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