All about coronavirus (Covid 19) problems

(in proccessing)

The coronavirus pandemic effect everybody whether you are are wealthy or poor. People, living in slums or refugee camps are most susceptible to catch the coronavirus.

My mayor concerns are listed below:

  1. Reducing the impact of climate change
    Climate Change
  2. Gap between rich and poor is growing
    Poor and Rich
  3. Overpopulation, (excessive population characterized by degradation of ecology or quality of life) Overpopulation

Point 1

Should we concern about climate change? This is still a contentious issue. Is it natural or man made? Even some Scientist are not agreeing about this point. The basics of climate change must be explained in short and comprehensive terms that everyone understands. This needs to be done before the Liberals can offer a suitable solution.
What are the positives and negatives of global warming? What is your opinion?

Point 2

The Royal Commission of the banks revealed the scandalous behaviour of the banks. Times ago the people robbed the banks today the Banks robbed the people. Some Australian CEO's getting some 300 times more pay then an everage wage earner. It seems these people have no moral. Changes must be made to insure all Australians are treated fairly and equally. What are you thought? Anything you want to say?
(Please note: Some of the very rich are philanthropists, giving away substantial sums to society)

Point 3

This is most important issue for humens survival on earth. Growth is a essential concept of the economy. This makes the world go round. We need to contemplate how long we can maintain this concept. For conparissen in 1900 the world had a population of 1.6 billion; that has increased to 7.7 billion in 2019 (June) and the projection for 2050 is estimated to reach 9.8 billion. Unfortunately the earth is still the same and we can't make it to grow. Taking this into consideration we are digging our own graves. We need to restucture our economys. I hope that end of growth. will come one day,.

Karl Boeing

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