Query regarding Stirling City Development

Strategig planning documents

Work on the Stephenson Avenue Extension will start soon. As you’ll know I attended the first Stirling City Centre Alliance meetings and some of the following. In the last years I had a lot of medical problems and couldn’t participate on any events regarding future plans.

I still have a great interest on the development of the Station Precinct and had a look at Draft Station Precinct development plan. Unfortunately, a freeway bridge is not shown in FreewaySeparation Station Precinct Block Plan, which was a major consideration at the start of the Stirling City Festival Letter 1 & Letter-2).

At present the freeway segregates the development area and there is no vibrant town centre for the community. It’s well known, that people who live near the freeway face pollution increasing harm to health and wellbeing.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Is the land bridge idea not incorporated?
  2. Is there a provision made to protect people from adverse effect living near the freeway?

Some countries that have utilising space above the freeway:
Germany Berlin
USA 1Seattle & 2Dallas
Japan Osaka

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