Fair Go Australia

For a long time I have been worried about the injustice for not only Australians but also for all of humanity. I thought of three main issues as listed below. Their is an abundance of additional inform at he on the Internet.

  1. Reducing the impact of climate change
    Climate Change
  2. Gap between poor and rich
    Poor and Rich
  3. Overpopulation, (excessive population characterized by degradation of ecology or quality of life) Overpopulation

Point 1

Should we concern about climate change? This is still a contentious issue. Is it natural or man made? Even some Scientist are not agreeing about this point. The basics of climate change must be explained in short and comprehensive terms that everyone understands. This needs to be done before we can find a suitable solution.
What are the positives and negatives of global warming? What is your opinion?

Point 2

The Royal Commission of the banks revealed the scandalous behavior of the banks. Times ago the people robbed the banks today the Banks robbed the people. Some Australian CEO's getting some 300 times more pay then an average wage earner. It seems these people have no moral. Changes must be made to insure all Australians are treated fairly and equally. What are you thought? Anything you want to say?
(Please note: Some of the very rich are philanthropists, giving away substantial sums to society)

Point 3

Is overpopulation really a problem? This is most important issue for humans survival on earth. Growth is a essential concept of the economy. This makes the world go round. We need to contemplate how long we can maintain this concept. For comparison in 1900 the world had a population of 1.6 billion; that has increased to 6.9 billion in 2010 and the projection for 2050 is estimated to reach 9.8 billion. Unfortunately the earth is still the same and we can't make it to grow. Taking this into consideration we are digging our own graves. We need to restructure our economies. I hope that end of growth. will come one day,.

Bush fires and Covid-19 post outlook

After each epidemic and disaster, our social norms and behaviors change Bloomberg

The Conversation From the bush fires to coronavirus, our old normal is gone forever. So what's next? Business as usual won't be possible anymore.

This is a Department of Agriculture website: Effects of bushfires and COVID-19 on the forestry and wood processing sectors Author: Linden Whittle (additional references at the end). Let's not forget the victims who haven't yet recovered from last years bushfires.

The pandemic aftermath has consequences for years to come. Governments have an opportunity to improve the living conditions for all of us, whether wealthy or poor. Remember, people living in slums or refugee camps are worst off.

However,nobody knows how what live will be in the future

Some of us believe "return to business as usual" after the pandemic would be possible, but far from it, the COVID-19 has completely changed our lives. Now it's time to think about the long-term of our future. Per's Heggenes article at World Economy Forum website"5 pathways to a better future after COVID-19" outlines some strategy.
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