Is Planet Earth in danger?

I wonder why the real issues that the world faces are not discussed in the media. More significant than climate change or covid19 is the question of Survival on Earth. Is it too late and are we beyond saving our planet Earth?

The earth has not an infinite capacity to support people. A principal question is:" How many humans can Earth sustain".

However, people worry too much about coronavirus and climate Change (is it natural?). Urgent action is required because business as usual will not be possible.

Most people are not aware that the Club of Rome predicted a 'future economic collapse' already 1972. The concept of Limits to Growth (LTG) would require a drastic change in economic terms and lifestyles.

However, our future economy and lifestyle are uncertain;
we can't go on with the concept of business as usual.

The LTG issue has been intentionally avoided because we depended too much on the concept of growth to keep the economy running. I recommend "Stephen Millett's book" Managing the Future (A guide to forecasting and strategic planning in the 21st Century) as reading resource.

Let's be honest "the good times are over", this is my opinion.

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