Environmental design issues

If you are not conversant with basic design requirement and you need to discuss a design of a proposed extension, alteration or new building you should contact Boeing Consulting. We can give advise on any matter relating to design, incorporating issues such as low energy.

Energy conservation is an issue that needs to be a primary concern not only of the governments but of everybody.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) has introduced minimum energy performance requirements to reduce energy consumption.

A lot of energy is used for space heating and cooling. The three main energy sources used in residential buildings are electricity, natural gas and wood. Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from end uses depend not only on the relative efficiencies of the appliances themselves, but also on the thermal performance characteristics of the building shell in which they operate. The amount of energy used over the life of a dwelling depends largely on its design and materials, and other factors determined at the time of construction.

Energy Star-rating is used to take advantage of of the building envelope as a modifier of climate. Improvements in the thermal performance characteristics of the buildings will result in a reduced demand for both heating and cooling. AS 2627.1-1993 Thermal insulation of dwellings, should be contemplated at the design stage. A large amount of energy is lost through windows. A new 'window energy rating scheme' WERS is being implemented improving the energy performance of windows.

Passive solar strategies should be used to reduce the amount of energy needed. Passive systems are associated with low costs. The interior climate is the result of the building configuration as related to the exterior, and the way people use the building.

A sound understanding of the physical properties of the material is needed to select the most advantageous materials.

Local building material should be used to minimise the cost of transporting energy. Thermal storage capacity of building materials, natural ventilation, orientation, building form and vegetation are important design considerations not only for architects but also for builders and the public in general.

These are some of the issues that relate to low energy consumption.

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