Stirling City Development - Station Precinct

Work on the Stephenson Avenue Extension will start soon. I attended the first Stirling City Centre Alliance meetings and other meetings regarding future plans. Years have gone and I read numerous of the planning documents. Unfortunately the Station Precinct Development Pan covered Subareas A to G in detail and I couldn't find details about the Subarea around the train station.

I still have a great interest on the development of the Station Precinct and had a look at Draft Station Precinct development plan. Unfortunately,  Station Precinct Block Plan, which was a major at the consideration of the Stirling City Festival Letter 1

Germany Berlin    Hamburg
USA Detroit   Dallas
Japan Osaka

At present the freeway segregates the development area and there is no vibrant town centre for the community. It’s well known, that people who live near the freeway face pollution increasing harm to health and wellbeing. I wander why urban/town planner have not addressed this issue. How to overcome the freeway separation is shown by the example of German ,USA and Japan (see opposite Table)

The City of Stirling is undertaking construction work in conjunction with Main Road on the Stephenson Ave extension. The preliminary work on Phase 1 started February 2020 and the road construction will follow.

The Station Precinct Local Development Plan Adopted by Council 18 September 2018 covers the Sub Precinct area A to G, but the area around the train station is excluded. An existing development plan includes a small bridge over the freeway with a combined pedestrian/cycle path. However, the movement of people from one side of the freeway to the other side is insufficient. A wider area type bridge construction over the freeway (Figure 2) would be required to allow free movement and access to Stirling Civic Gardens.

Figure 1 Figure 2

I'm retired and do some voluntary work, for TAFE and other institutions. and keen to investigate the feasibility of putting a lid onto that section of freeway shown in Figure 2. I hope urban/town planner, developer as well as citicen of Stirling would also be interested to participate.

Karl Boeing   (Please contact me if you have any thougth on this issue).