The Station Precinct update

The Station Precinct Local Development Plan covers land around Stirling Station on both sides of the freeway. This area will see a major transformation and will be characterised by high rise mixed use buildings and residential areas around the Stirling Station.

Phase one of the project is currently being delivered by the City of Stirling
Phase two will be delivered by Main Roads WA

The main problems for buildings on freeways are air pollution and noise, there is no 'safe' level for people living near freeways. There are quite a few examples (USA, Germany, Japan) where the airspace on freeways was used.

I called City of Stirling on 29 July 2021 and was informed, there were no specific building development-plans available for train station-freeway area. At a Festival of Ideas (July 2009) I did discussed the concept 'building on top of freeways', and also later at Stirling City Centre Alliance (SCCA).

However, this concept is not shown on the current plans, but it's worth to consider this idea 'now' before Main Roads start working on Phase two.

There's still an opportunity for developer, architects and engineers
to investigate, the feasibility to build over train/freeway exchange

The coloured rectangular area shown in Figure below gives an indication of a possible a central open space, for community events and recreational activities.
                  Whether this is still possible or not will depend on negotiation with Main Road.

Build-over640 (193K)

A cost effective solution connecting communities on both sides of the freeway would be building a bridge structure (having a light live load.)
(It is essential that community have access to open space, for events and recreational activities.)

Any comments are appreciated. Please contact me if you are passionate to discuss this, for me, significant matter.

Thanks,    Karl Boeing

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