Assessment Outline

(Module ABC063)

Reference Texts:

Appropriate Australian Standards; Glossary of Building and Planning Terms; AS 1100 Technical Drawing

Course Content

Plan/specification interpretation; Factory/Office Working Drawings; Sections; Building Details (orthographic & pictorial)

Delivery Module:

General drawing requirements

? orthographic and pictorial views,
? research wide-span steel structures & tilt-up
? set of drawing for council approval,
? working drawings and details

The main emphasis is place on the construction of a steel-framed factory and office complex. Refer to project details for more information.
Students need to investigate wide-spanning steel structures and prepare a journal with records of site visit(s) describing their observations covering types of structure (portal frames (BHP-sections) as an alternatively lattice girders or space-frames etc.); stability issues; roof/wall claddings; connections types; etc.). Pictorial & orthographic sketches of specific details must be included. The journal will assist students in the preparation of the working drawings. Journals must be submitted in Week 5. Any issue raised during your investigation will be discussed in class. Refer to Time table and assessment dates for tests, assignments and examination.

Assessment Settings:

This module has five (5) assessment elements.
Submission dates are outlined below:
1. Assessment 1   (Test in class 1 hr) Week 3
2. Assessment 2   (Journal submission) Week 5
3. Assessment 3   (Detail drawings) Week 12
4. Assessment 4   ( Factory working drawings) Week 16
5. Assessment 5   (Examination detail drawing) Week 18

A pass in each of the five (5) elements of Assessment is required to pass the Subject.
If a pass is not achieved in any of Assessment 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 at first attempt, an 'H' grade is to be applied. The student must submit or sit tests for second attempt within one Week after the due date to clear the 'H' grade. If the student does not PASS the second attempt within the stipulated Resubmission/re-sit time frame an 'R' grade is to be applied.

Assessment Methods:

Assignment 1 One (1) hour test in class (orthographic drawing of an element/component developed from pictorial view.
Assignment 2 Research Journal (records of site visiting(s) including sketches, photos etc.).
Assignments 3 & 4 Drawing Assignments to be completed in ink using drafting pens on tracing paper or film and submitted with a print copy to the lecturer by the nominated date given for each Assignment.
Assignment 5 Three hour test in class (given specifications), detail drawings of structural steel connections (orthogonal/isometric views)

Assignments must be submitted on due date. If you fail to submit on due date you may be given an extension of 14 days to resubmit assignments or sit for a failed class-tests.

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