Assessment examples

As part of your assessments you will develop an object from an isometric view in an orthographic drawings as shown in the Example Figure 1 & Figure 2.

                Figure 1                                                                                       Figure 2

Or develop an isometric drawing from an object from a similar orthographic drawing in an isometric view as shown in Figure 3. (Scale 1:1)

                                 Figure 3

Example Figure 3

Develop an isometric view from an orthographic drawing. (Scale 1:1)

Reproduced a similar item in an isometric view .

All curves should be constructed using the principle shown in
"How to draw isometric circles"

Food for Thoughts.

Here is an exercise for
inquisitive students.

  • Complete side view of the opposite drawing.
  • Top and Front view is identical.
  • Select an appropriate scale for your drawing

Before you ask -
YES,  it is possible

to complete the side view