MODULE TITLE Builders' Working Drawings 3


Nominal duration 35 - 40 hours


Module codes


National ABC063


Discipline code 1001110


Module purpose To provide the participant with skills and knowledge required to read and interpret plans and specification and undertake drafting and sketching for commercial buildings up to an effective height of 25m and industrial buildings.


Relationship to competency standards

No Competency Standards are currently available.


Pre-requisites Builders' Working Drawings 2

Timber Framing Code


Co-requisites Construction 3

Summary of content Consultants drawing and specifications - plan reading and interpretation:


              structural engineering (particularly steel framing and concrete)


              hydraulic (including automatic sprinkler systems)

              fire services


Working details and shop drawings (particularly steel portal frame fabrication) Schedules:



              doors and windows (including fire doors and windows)

Relevant Codes, Standards and Regulations


Delivery of the module This module can be delivered in any way which allows students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the learning outcomes.


Assessment methods Attendance at site visits, reports, drawing projects and folio of working drawings.


Conditions of assessment It is assumed that most of the training related to this module will be off the job. Learners will be required to demonstrate safe work practices. Learners will be provided with a list of possible sources of information and references. During assessment students shall have access to permittedreferences.


Learning outcomes On completion of this module the learner will be able to:


Learning outcome 1 Read and interpret plans and specifications, structural

engineers drawings, soil tests, shop drawings (steel

fabrication) survey plans and levels plan for temporary

structures and works.



Learning outcome 2 Draw building plans, details, sections and 3D sketches

relating to the main components of construction and


Draw a partial set of working drawings and specification

notes to a standard suitable for building permit approval.


Learning outcome 3 Demonstrate a knowledge, understanding and drawing ability by the satisfactory completion of a set of working drawings and specifications for a factory and office complex. As preparation for this task students could prepare a research journal comprising a record of site visits, photographs, 3D sketches and sections, shall be completed to a satisfactory standard. There should be a clear relationship between this construction detailing research and the final working drawings.