Assessment 2
Journal requirements

Students need to investigate a steel portal frame building to familiarise themselves with the steel structure (stability and bracing) and connection details. The Journal (photographic report), which is an essential assessment element (Assessment 2), must be submitted in Week 5. The objective of this report is to become familiar with this type of construction, which is an important prerequisite for Assignment 3 and 4.


A4 format can be lose leaf, stapled together at upper left-hand corner.

The first page must be a cover page as set out below.

TAFEWA Central - Campus Leederville

Centre for Architectural Technology, Design and Building Studies

Unit:    Builders’ Working Drawing 3

Portal frame journal

Portal frame structures investigated:

1.      Company:                                                                                                           


2.      Company:                                                                                                           


Student Name:                                                                       


I certify that this report is my own work and that the investigation was carried out by me. The material in this report has not previously been submitted for assessment in any formal course of study


If not all necessary topics can be investigated at one particular site you need to investigate other sites to cover the investigation requirements.

Table of Contents

The table of contents should follow the cover letter. It should include headings, with their corresponding page numbers on the right (not left) margin.

Issues to be covered

Portal frame:  Ž     span and height, spacing of portals, column & rafter sizes (hot rolled /built-up sections), 2 or 3 pinned frame?

Bay width      Ž     distance between the portals?

Connections:  Ž     column to footing (base plate & holding down bolts), column to rafter (knee joint, haunch), splice / apex (welded/bolted) connection details

Bracing:   Ž  type of bracing, (tension/compression), size & location of bracing.

Purlins     Ž  how are they connected to the rafter? Type of roof sheeting

Girts        Ž  how are they connected to the column (fastening)? Type of wall cladding (tilt-up, metal or others)

Details:    Ž  sufficient photos and sketches must be shown for clarification of the above.

Tilt-up:    Ž  part of structural support with wide span girder or beam connection?

               Ž  how is structural stability taken care of (tilt-uppanel/beam connection)?

Site visits

Date and time must be recorded for each on site investigation that you carry out. If not all topics can be covered on your selected portal steel frame warehouse, factory or building you need to select one or two additional building/warehouse to make sure all required issues can be adequately addressed. Please revise the text of “Construction 3” and clarify any issue with me if you have problems with the structural stability or any other subject matter.

Make sufficient sketches and photos for clarification of your description and comments.


An important part is a section on reporting structural principles of framing like member selection, stability queries, connection and fixing details, material choice etc. Briefly describe all structural components and discuss whether, in your opinion, the inspected structure is appropriate or not. If not, reason why not? Would you choose anything different?

Are there any issues related to the BCA to talk about?

Sketches / Photos

Sufficient detail sketches (free hand) & Photos should be included in your discussion section. They must be referenced in the text and appropriately labeled.