Factory/Workshop Assignments 3 & 4

As part of your assessments you must produce Working Drawings for a fabrication workshop with an attached two storey office building. Your research and journal records as well as the lecturer will help you to accomplish the work.
The scope of work for Assignment 3 and 4 is outlined below.

The client brief for the project states :

  •   Boundary walls 150 mm tilt-up panels
  •   Portal frames 250 UB 25.7 according to engineering design
      @ 7.5 metre spacing
  •   Storage shed 15.0 m x 6.0 m access height 3.3 m
  •   Office external walls cavity brick (alternatively tilt-up)   construction
  •   Metal cladding (Lysaght or other approved) on external,
      workshop walls
  •   Purlins and girts (light gauge sections) spacing to
      manufacturers recommendation
  •   Three roller doors 4.5 m wide and 4.8 m high (location as
      shown on plan)
  •   Concrete slab 200 mm thick in fabrication workshop
  •   Suspended concrete slab above office showroom
  •   Provide access to production office from workshop

It is the responsibility of the student to investigate a similar structure and keep record of all relevant issues in a journal. Students must be familiar with matters associated with this kind of construction when attempting Assignment 3 & 4. Team work is an important part of this unit. Clarify with your lecturer which details you need to draw/sketch. An active participation in class discussion is part of your assessment.

Common issues should be discussed among students and each student has to search for a solution to his/her design proposal. Your ideas and proposals will discuss and clarify in class as well as any subject matter that you may raise. An active participation in class discussion is part of your assessment.

Drawing submission requirements:

Assignment 3 Complete set of drawings (Floor plans & Elevations - scale 1:100, Sections 1:50 - floor plan & section on an A2 sheet, elevations on an A3 sheet) containing sufficient information for Builder to build indicating all portals, purlins, girts, bracing requirements for structural stability etc.
Compliance with the local Government requirements, BCA and Standards are mandatory. You may slightly modify the above design.


Assignment 4 Details scale 1:10 & 1:5 (a detail may require multiple views) Requirements and distribution for the details of the components to be drawn will be discussed after submission of Assignment 3. (each student must produce 2 or more details as designated by the lecturer)

Refer to Lecturer Program regarding particular submission details.