Carnarvon Range

Photos provided by David Peck & Keith Wilcox

On the way to Serpents Glen
Conglomerate of rocks

Strange rock formation

Keith looking at the landscape for the best shot

A rock grown in the tree

Admiring the rock art

Rock art at Serpents Glen

Is there more rock art

Serpent Glen at sun set

Ready to cook dinner on camfire
Serpents Glen

Track to Virgin Springs

Talbot was here

Emu looks for its chicks (Talbot)
Here they are (altogether six chicks)

Creek crossing (Virgin Springs)
Grinding stone

Virgin Springs
Virgin Spring (upper level)

Standing stones (hard to find)
Back to Serpents Glen

Serpents Glen
Camp at Serpents Glen

Natural rock arch

Exit view

Problems with Downs automatic transmission sump

Device to refill up the transmission oil

Repairing transmission sump

On the way to Newman - Johnson cairn
Station Neds Creek - Back to Great Northern Highway

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