Pierre Repair CSR - Well 6

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Photos provided by David Peck & Keith Wilcox


Jim & Joy, John &Pauline and Karl went up CSR Wells l to 5 to meet at Well 6.

Well 2
Well 2 a
Well 2 a
Well 3

Camp somewhere between Well 3 & Well4

Breakfast early in the morning

Pierre Repair meeting place at Wiluna Hotel for Subaru & Geralton 4WD clubs

BBQ & Breakfast at the Hotel
What do we next? (take the shortcut to Well 5 and pay $20)
On the track to well 5
Please don't forget to put the money in the tin
A rocky section of the track
Well 5

Well 5
Camp at Well 6
Well 6 in need of repair
Well 6 repair

Well 6 repair

Well 6 repair

Well 6 Repair

Ingebong Hill
Ingebong Hill

                Robin makes dumpling for us all

                  Robin's Birthday

The work is done, all timber sleepers have been replaced with plastic sleepers

Group photo - All work is finished

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