Lochada Station - DEC-BBQ

October 2008

This was another trip that went very well indeed with the usual efficient organization of Reg and Gail Woods. The weekend peaked with 19 people. A great BBQ on Saturday evening (11 Oct.. 08) provided and cooked by DEC staff and their wives, an absolutely sterling effort giving us all the chance to meet each other for a chat.

Over the 6 days we split into 2 groups to go out, GPS log the tracks on Lochada, Karara and Kadji-Kadji stations and put up track signs in addition to the signs at the old bores and windmills we did on previous trips.

When this is put together a map will be produced for the first time that is informative and above all, accurate.

Over 80 signs provided by DEC but named by the club were installed covering several thousand kilometers visiting the far flung reaches of the properties. Many of the tracks we have never driven before as we found windmills, tanks and mines (thankfully not the Military type, though a tank would be handy to tackle the Warriedar property) not marked with our previous signage.

The weather was good and the flies were friendly but despite being late in the season the wildflowers were the best for many years now the drought seems to have broken.

Hopefully we can look forward to good winter rains next year which will make the display even better.

A tremendous job done by all those who attended.

Simon Newton.

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