4 x 4 Trip Lancelin

Distance from Perth to Lancelin is 127 km north.

There are 2 Fuel stations in Lancelin, one as you come into town and the other in the heart of town (they both charge for using their air compressors so bring your own).

Be sure to read the signs on the way in and note this are is only open between 8:00am – 7:00pm every day.

4 wheeling on the sand dunes are great fun, there is a huge area to explore which changes every day due to the strong winds. The dunes shift and changed shape very significantly. Every time you visit it will be different.

The plastic sump guards get easily ripped off

The Forester won't make it getting over the crest although the accelerator is pushed to the very bottom. Don't be afraid the needle on the tachometer went up to over 6000 revs. If you try to master a steep hill make sure the all windows are closed. Otherwise a lot of sand will get into your car.

Close this window if not needed